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Quarantine Management using Smart Wrist Band.

Efence offers a innovative cost effective suite for self quarantine and real time monitoring of quarantined people by authorities to effectively tackle the crisis and effectively preventing a pandemic outbreak.

About Efence

Quarantine Management using Smart Wrist Band

Efence solutions uses tamper proof Bluetooth wristbands tagged to mobile phone through its application to further access geolocation of users at command center, geofence and generate alerts on quarantine violations for both administrator as well as users.

Governments can ensure discipline in institutional and home quarantine scenarios . Manage and monitor in real time large number of potential , symptomatic and mild cases with minimal policing and intervention of the authorities. Levy penalties and take disciplinary action on violations.

Why Choose Efence

Efence provides a seemless way for managing self quarantined patients.

A custom mobile application is used to onboard users and continuously monitors the smart wristband for policy adherence.

Easy Onboarding

Supervisor onboards the patient via supervisor Web App taking in the basic details of the patient.

Fast & Secure

As soon as the user is onboarded the user can connect to the Band and Mark their Home Quarantine Location.

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Live Chat

Incase of any query or doubts contact with authorities via live chat to get responses for your issues.

Secure Data

Data is secured via https connection and deployed on high security servers.


Amazing visual interface

Easy User Interface and Simple User Experience for better usability.

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